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April 17, 2022 | 10:45 AM


You are invited to celebrate the resurrection that changes everything!

Experience worship, communion, and a message of love this Easter.

Welcome to the fast

The entire church is participating in a 40 day fast.

easter SERVICE details

When & Where?? Get the immediate details of this event.

what to expect EASTER WEEKEND

Everything you need to know about this easter weekend.


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The 40 Day Fast

The entire church is participating in a 40 day fast leading up to Easter. Learn how you can be involved by clicking here!

Many Christians enjoy reading devotionals to help them create a greater relationship with Christ. The Associate Ministers and Pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Madison, WI has created a 40 day devotional that will help all Christians form a greater relationship with Christ. The last seven days are devoted to the last moments of Jesus dying on the Cross and being reserrected from the grave.

All proceeds go towards our building fund for the community life center.


Easter Service Details

Sunrise Service

This service will start at 6:00 am on Easter Sunday.

10:45 AM Service

Join us at Mt. Zion Baptist Church on April 17 at 10:45 AM for our Easter service.

Arrive early so you can ensure a parking space in our parking lot which is located on the side of the building. There is also additional parking along the street that surrounds the church. Our address is 2019 Fisher Street Madison, WI 53713. At this time, masks are required inside our building (this may change).

Easter Weekend

Good Friday Walk & Service

On Friday, April 15 at 11:30 am we start with a Good Friday walk. The walk will be 2,000 ft to represent the walk Jesus took to Calvary. The image on the left maps our path. We will start and end our walk at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Immediately after, we will begin our Good Friday service in the sanctuary.

eastr details
Easter Weekend
Easter Sunday Walk Map.heic

Easter Egg Hunt

Directly after our 10:45 AM Easter service, we will have an Easter egg hunt for our children outside! If it is raining, we will move the easter egg hunt to the lower level of our building. 

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