Man with Glasses


This is an opportunity for men to be taught by men, to be enlightened, honest, and open. Our goal is to provide the guidance we need to be more effective change agents for God’s mission and vision for Mount Zion. We meet every second Saturday morning from 9:30 AM until 11:00 AM.


Learn how to get involved by emailing Vincent Rice at



May 14th at 8 AM. Brother Freeman Kollie will be providing a lesson on healthy eating as well as exercises we can do to keep our bodies physically fit. So come prepared to learn about nutrition and physical health. Before attending, if you have any major health issues, we ask that you check with your doctor to make sure you are comfortable stretching and moving your bodies. Come dressed to exercise and with an open mind. Brother Kollie is not going to hurt us; he is going to get our blood flowing!!!



We will be reading the book, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. You can purchase your own copy, or you can let Vince know, and he will provide you a copy.



We will have a spoken word class and a field trip!!! Minister Richard Jones, Jr will be hosting us at his studio!!! So you will get to hear yourself spit your words!!! Just be careful don't spit too much, we are still under a COVID watch.



August will be our summer break, but we'll be back on it again in September. Ready to talk about The Alchemist. Hopefully, you haven't lost the book and will be ready to talk about how the travels of the shepherd are connected to your life, and your walk with the Lord.